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SD to HD Video Upscale

High Definition up scaling of your standard definition footage.

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We provide an excellent service for customers who want to preserve their footage in the best possible and future proof format.


Our high definition up-scaling service will take your current standard definition tapes and bring them up-to date by up-scaling the footage to HD. At the same time we can take the standard 4:3 aspect ratio and convert this into 14:9 which makes a more pleasurable viewing experience. See our wide-screen conversion service for more details.








Our workflow is totally digital and consists of professional grade video decks, video processors and digital recorders. The section below details the main components and advantages.


The Teranex system pictured above is an ultra high quality video processor capable of providing stunning results from poor quality source video. The system incorporates high quality noise reduction filters which remove video noise or grain whilst maintaining a high level of video detail.

During the up-scaling process the Terenex processor applies special processing to the image to reduce video noise whilst maintaining visual detail








Once the Teranex system has created a high quality video signal we then use technology from a company called AJA to record the video source to a high quality video file in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD. The AJA KiPro Rack system is pictured below.








Finally we prepare your transfer to either Blu-Ray or HD Video File. We can create video files in whatever format you require. If you wish to retain the pure high quality video files which come from our AJA KiPro recorder then just ask and we are happy to assist.









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