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We offer a professional photograph scanning service using the very latest Kodak Picture Saver systems. The Kodak PS80 scanning system was developed by Kodak with the prime focus on digitising printed photographs to the highest standard.


The Kodak system offers fast, efficient & cost effective scanning with output to either JPEG or uncompressed TIFF.


















The process starts with your details being entered into the Kodak system,





















Next the scanning system takes each photograph and gently scans the image at your required scan resolution ( 300dpi or 600dpi if ample for printed photographs ).


After the scanning is complete the software automatically


a) Crops The Image.

b) Straightens / De-Skews the Image.

c) Auto Rotates The Image.

d) Optional Kodak Perfect Touch - Colour Grading

e) Optional Auto Red-eye Removal























Once the final scans are completed then the entire process is finalised by either a transfer of the images to HDD, FlashDrive , DVD data disk or optionally a playable DVD/Blu-Ray disk for sharing your photos.


Each completed project is supplied with an image thumbnail chart as shown below





















All images scanned are full compatible and ready to import into your favourite PC or MAC photograph management software such as Apple iPhoto or Adobe Lightroom.


For a full range of options please contact us and we will be happy to assist.













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