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Using the very latest MWA Digital Data Scanners we offer the very best in digital film scanning for Standard 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, Standard 16mm, Super 16mm and 17.5mm film types.

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As you start to investigate the possibilities of having your cine film transferred you will find a range of companies claiming various different methods of transfer in order to offer that BROADCAST quality result... Please BEWARE as the truth of the matter is that most companies run some form of converted film projector and a DV based camera in order to capture the images. Although this does work the results are far from what is technically possible.

The cost of the transfer equipment is a good indication of the quality of the equipment and more importantly how gentle the equipment is on your precious film not forgetting the final image quality. Projector based transfer units cost anywhere from £50 to £2000, some companies make their own equipment from old cine projectors and give it a fancy name, details on how to do this can be found on the web. But remember whatever the company calls the system its still an aging old mechanical projector.

At Images4life Ltd we have now upgraded all of our professional telecine products to the latest range of Digital Data Scanners by a company called MWA-Nova in Germany. The digital film scanners provide far superior results than traditional systems. Our current film scanners represents over £100,000 of scanning technology and this is the technology that we use on all film transfers. ( Domestic or Commercial ). The latest SW fully supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) to ensure maximum quality.


A NOTE ON MWA FLASHSCAN SCANNERS. Over the years MWA-Nova in Germany have produced cutting edge film scanning products starting with the Flashscan8 and FlashTransfer16 - Both of these products are SD (standard definition) ONLY scanners. When introduced 6-7 years ago they represented the pinnacle in small gauge scanners. However time passes and technology moves on, the old Flashscan devices have now been replaced with MWA Digital Data Scanners called the "Choice" and the "Vario". The new scanners incorporate the latest technology with massive scanning quality improvements and higher scanning resolutions. When looking for the best quality ensure you ask for the latest  MWA technology and NOT the old traditional Flashscan products.  As a company we have owned all the previous models and can provide first hand and reliable comparison data













Our new scanners contain laser tracking technology to provide both a very stable image and also to detect any film shrinkage which would normally cause cheaper systems to jam/damage the film or produce unstable output.

The film path is completely sprocket-less. The film is transported using a soft rubber capstan and the scanner also contains a total of 4 particle transfer rollers which clean the film in a gentle way prior to scanning.











Offering scanning resolutions way above HD our current range of scanners and software control systems provide the ultimate in high quality film transfer.



Also why pay more for HD transfer?? At Images4life Ltd we always scan at the highest possible resolution, its your choice if you want the footage back on DVD, Blu-Ray, Tape or File. Because we use a professional digital scanner  there is no justification to charge more for HD scanning and any company that does charge more money is normally operating a converted cine projector system. Whatever you choose the film scanning cost remains the same.


Standard Definition or High Definition - YOU DECIDE AT NO EXTRA COST


If your film contains an embedded soundtrack in either magnetic or optical format then we transfer this as no additional cost. Our scanner captures the sound in real time and in perfect sync with the picture. Other systems use a 2 stage process which can lead to the picture and sound running out of sync.



All enhanced services come with a second copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray at no cost. We provide a complimentary copy for you to keep safe or pass onto a member of the family.



At Images4life we would love to hear from you, we are more than happy to explain in very simple terms how we transfer the cine film or if you are after a more technical discussion again we are happy to go over the very technical aspects of the transfer process such as colour balancing, 10Bit Uncompressed Video Transfer and/or DPX File Sequences



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