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35mm Slide Scanning Service

Digital Scanning of your 35mm slides to digital format

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We offer a professional 35mm scanning service to transfer your precious photographic memories into digital replicas.


We us the latest in Nikon commercial scanning equipment to achieve stunning results from your slides.



















The process starts with a close inspection of your slides. We then take time prepare and clean the slides prior to scanning.


Each slide is scanned at 4000 dpi into an uncompressed TIFF format to ensure that no detail is lost. At this stage each slide represent a 60MB raw file which we then use to create final formats such as JPEGs, DVDs or Blu-Rays.


After scanning the slide we inspect each scan and perform colour grading to bring back the colour vibrancy and contract levels. The result is a scan that truly represent the original.


Digital Ice Image Processing


Each slide is scanned using Digital Ice4 technology.

Digital ICE works by building a record of defects in the image during scanning. Scanners normally work with three input channels - red, green, and blue. Scanners equipped with Digital ICE add a fourth channel called the D channel (defect channel). During scanning information on defects, surface dirt, and scratches is collected. Digital ICE then applies a series of algorithms (formulas) to rebuild the missing information. The result is scans that are scratch free and dust free even if the original film has serious defects.


High Definition Transfer Available


Customers who currently own high definition eTV equipment ( HD Ready ) can take advantage of our high definition transfer service. This includes all scans transferred to a custom created Blu-Ray disk thermally printed and created to your own specification or requirements.

Output resolution is a full 1920 * 1080p which provides stunning quality images on your high definition equipment.

If you currently do NOT own any high definition equipment then now is a good time to get both a standard and high definition copy of your scans.


DVD's Vs Full Resolution Scan


When ordering 35mm scans for viewing on a TV monitor we will typically provide the images back on a fully interactive DVD. During the encoding of the DVD we resize the images to a size more suitable for displaying on a TV, this process does involve reducing the file size.

If you also require a copy of the full resolution scans for use on your computer then please notify use when you place your order so that we can prepare a second CD/DVD to provide you with the master TIF/JPEG files.



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